Saturday, December 26, 2009

Message for Respective SWAMY BABU Ji and another reason to why i have literally stopped posting

Dear all and respected swami babu ji.

please find extract of some comment left on my blog,there are frequent such ones.It is really such nonsense after putting an honest effort that really puts one off.So true i am tied up professionally very much but this is another reason that i have practicaly stopped posting.


"There is no Rawal, Gosavi is impersonating in the name of Jintendra Rawal. Other shit man is Jimmy (swamybabu blog) who is giving selections based on Dynamic Handicapping. Shit Shit Shit"


sir, its better when you quit and saved us from visiting one more of those shit blogs


knkumar said...

Dear ruchi , for all the good work it is really shocking to get these kind of comments . But in a way these MUTTEN HEADS does not know racing or handicaping .

Pls throw/flush those comments in the toilet and be polite. I think you will understand my point and not to get provoked by those idiots .

I assure you that we all friends are with you always .


anil k said...

Hi Jitendra,
I think so long you are happy yourself doing it, simply ignore what frustrated lot are commenting,Elephants do not care for Dogs barking when they walk...
You were doing a good job so please don't get emotional and CARRY ON...ALL THE BEST
Regards, Anil k


I agree that it is very dissappointing.There are times that i also feel that by trying to give our views by using some methods we get back this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jitendra,
HAPPY to see you back... BEST OF LUCK
Regards, Anil k