Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dynamic Ratings for Saturday 7.2.2015

Returned from native. Please find the top four with potential to perform and my views.In particular as usual N. GOWDA horses will keep coming in the rating and I would like to avoid takeing them in the Analysis for obvious reasons except one or two which are at longer odds. Also I would highlight the AAFW(ANALYSIS AIM FOR WIN) rcaes


Analysis= Almost a VB affair. MADAM SULTANA is a good horse but the trainer is Following his mentor and especially if his ward is fav well, avoid it. The perennial crook and BOOKIES man ha salso a runner and one can never know what is the intention. That leaves two in fray ROYL DEFENCE ( another shady connection) and ZULU. ZULU FANTASY's rating has shot up since last two runs and I expect that he will atleast hit the Playing place. Worth a EACH WAY BET , more in PLACE/. Will be at better odds than RD ( for win)

Analysis= CZAR RULE seems outstanding and with suraj on top intentions are clear. Should be in WIN or SHP.

ANALYSIS and AAFW=  This is a AAFW race. In my view race is only between the first two and worth a three way bet on both INSPIRATOR and FASHION FLAME. There is 90% chance that they will run ONE-TWO any which way. INSPIRATOR with its late rushing tactics and FF who has been given a easy run should perform well in this set.


Analysis= A tough and dicey race.Please tread with caution.

Analysis= True AGOSTINI is the one to beat and current form of both horse and rider is stupendous. One small caution factor is AGOSTINI runs its best race over 2000 mts because it has a very short burst after which it tends to come back to the field , while on the other hand WIND STREAN runs its best races over 2400 mts whenever they have met. In fact whenever they have met over 2400 mts WIND STREAM has always finished ahead on AGOSTINI. This is my observation take a final call race is only between them.

ANALYSIS AND AAFW= OP is top rated but is basically a VB stuff. ANDINA is another NG case and god knows what he will do has the merit though. I would suggest and go for my follow horse RAPID BOLT. Time and again in previous cases I had written how this horse in race number 145 was hooked last season. This season it has not been tried atl all and TODAY IS THE DAY. CHANGE OF SHOE, GOOD DR, LOW HANDICAP. Today RAPID BOLT is what I would suggest a three way bet , more in PLACE as usual. It will be atleast 15/1 for win and 3/1 for place. SHOULD BE THERE TODAY.

Analysis= leaving out both the " BOOKIES CONNECTION" horses I feel CHERRY HINTON and LADS GLADIATOR  both belong to higher set and can tackle this lot. especially the Lethargic LADS GLADAITOR who often is slow in the gates but then covers ground superbly. today set is weak even if it loses ground can tackle this lot.

Analysis= By far a tough race. Here I like the "BOOKIES CONNECTION HORSE TALISKER"
Will be tried and will run a bold race but please cover SHINECOCK HILLS and SWEET SECRET in pools both these horses are also going to run agreat race, especially SWEET SECRET if this 6 year old mare get a FLIER no one will come near her. Hope she gets a flier from draw "3" then PLACE is MORAL.

All the best  


Anonymous said...

played Rapid Bolt and bolted out of the course like nobody business

prince_cv said...

Ruchi sir,
Exellent selection. Shincock hils,zulu fantasy,wind stream.
thanx a lot sir

mahe said...

Hi sir..

thanks alot sir good ratings...especially capitalise and on

mahe said...

Sir...forgot to mention. ..ur comments in 7 race on agostini vs windstream was outstanding and the same happened in race agostini slowed down @2000m...v played wind based purely on ur comments. ..thanks