Monday, May 23, 2016

OOTY :23.5

Today at OOTY it will pay to follow the following ASTRO indications

JUPITER (3/12) and RAHU (2/11) are the strong indications of the day and it will pay to follow in CARD/DRAW. Should be prominent in at least 5 races out of 7.

     CARD(3)       DRAW(3)           CARD (12)      DRAW(12)        CARD(2 /11)       DRAW (2)/11
1=TBILISI          ROYAL TURN      --                   -----                    ROYAL TURN     CASANOVA

2=S NO ANGEL      STARSTAUS                                                    ONE COOL CAT    AVIATOR

3=Q.TURF           S.HAVEN            -----              -------------            O.FLOWER            O.FLOWER

4=G.ME GOLD     CHALAQUE    ----------        ------------              AUTUM LOVE      THEOLOGY

5=T IT RICH        FORTUNE        FORTUNE      S.ROYAL           REYNOLDS         NEXT MOVE
6=S.CODE           S.STRIDER        DELSANTO     C'BA           RIDGEWAY                         HEAT WAVE

7=A.007             S.ASSET                                                            B.T.TURF                     P.O LOVE


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