Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dynamic ratings and "AIM FOR WIN" Concept for MUMBAI, 14.1.2015

Hello all,
Its a well known fact that one cannot predict winners in all races and no system on earth can also throw 100% winners due to various factors involved .
I am planning to start a new Innovation today which I term as "ANALYSIS -AIM FOR WIN"
I will try to give the DR for probably all races but will give the AAFW only for selected races with some guidance for investment.
Now we all want to make some thing and hope this new Innovation will work out.
Please don't expect Miracles from this innovation its only experimental and only time will tell if it works out profitably.
One should keep doing different experiments in life and never be like a frog in pond.
So then here goes,Even with a small profit at day end one should be happy and not have the EGO of winning only from WINNERS. Sometimes even the horse of our choice may not win but the returns will be more.
TODAY I HAVE CONSIDERED AAFW for the 4th,6th,7th and 8th races.
2= Maidens


AAFW: Last run COMMANDER was unlucky and was baulked for opening at crucial stage. JANIS JAY is only the other horse in this set who can challenge COMMANDER.
My recommendation is a each way bet on COMMANDER and WIN?SHP bet on JANNIS JAY.

5=CYCLOPS(610)-CHA CHA CHA(606)-DIA(593)-STRIDON(593)

AAFW=Here MADE TO MEASURE last run was very surprising but still today I feel although it cannot beat SHIVALIK VIEW it will run on for place. MADE TO MEASURE is AAFW for place probably at evens.

AAFW: Here PRESENCE , last run was easy, was in the van and then was held back even to miss the frame.With Draw 1, it has the best chance to WIN but field is big and its ante post 2.5/1 so place will definetly be evens. AAFW , suggests a PLACE bet on this one.

AAFW:BEACH GAME is a winner, only problem is the connection. So why risk. AFFIRMATION last two runs were very good. With a good DR and a capable rider today , its a AAFW bet at 1.5/1 place.

So basically lets see how it works out. This will be tried out over a period and then we shall take a cue whether its working out


manish said...

Nice concept ruchi sir hope that it works...thanks

prince_cv said...

Good concept sir

Kodali Nageshwar Rao said...

good idea ruchi sir, keep it up

Kodali Nageshwar Rao said...

good idea ruchi sir, keep it up

santosh lalwani said...

Ruchi sir excellent work...
what a pick..
you are real commander.
nice concept....keep it up..
yesterday lost on deri adah and bold police 5k...
played 3k win on commander and 5k place....
thanks a are real boss..
regards...santosh pune

santosh lalwani said...

Lots of Love.

prince_cv said...

Good selection sir
keep it up

mahe said...

Dear ruchi sir.

Great success welcomess ur new concept.....superb...especially commander n affirmation odds were longer. ...thanks

santosh lalwani said...

Ruchi sir you Rocksss...

Anonymous said...

thank u ruchi sir. played janis jay shp 30 tickets , frp quninella 1-5 10 tickets each passed exacta in commander and janis jay race. invest of 30 tickets shp on janis jay exacta cost 20 rupess fetched 1602, frp fetched 2800 total 5800 for just 620 investment.

and last race affirmation wat a selection sir backed 2 k shp 500 place got returns of 27350 thanks a ton ruchi sir


Ashu said...

Great sir ji.. Ur new concept superb... Fantastic....excellent..

mahe said...

Dear ruchi sir

as posted by me a comment earlier in the same page...I was really surprised by ur selections today...commander. ..janisjay...affirmation. did u select such longer odds...superb...fantastic. ...please let me know ur feedback on this if u find time....I am beneficial of ur ratings from four months. ...

Sairam Chandra Reddy said...

Thanks ruchi ji wow what a concept very good keep it up sir