Thursday, January 15, 2015

Dynamic ratings for bangalore 16.1

Today was a holiday and hence finished the calculation early and hence posting early. Please find the top four with potential to perform in  most of the races and my "ANALYSIS-AIM FOR WIN" initiative for few selected ones.
I am hopeful that for other races too the results could be from the shortlisted ones and followers can use their judgment to catch the right one.
1= Skip



AAFW=ETERNAL FLAME must be a really special filly and has a bright future. In just one run its DR is higher than a winner (MARINE ONE). Its a well known fact that youngsters don't give weight and that way also its at a advantage as its receiving almost 6 kgs from MARINE ONE. Tommorrow  
ETERNAL FLAME is a WIN/PLACE BET and really worth taking a chance. As there are only two place pay outs , its place odds also will be 12/10.


AAFW=BIG TICKET , has been running game races. Has that very fast finishing speed which will help it tomorrow to topple the best. Stands out as a GOOD EACH WAY BET. As usual PLACE at 12/10 is a safer proposition.

AAFW=ALBERTINO is the horse. Was thought of a classic hope in its first season and performed well too. then had a set back. Is back to winning form as evident form its last run in race no 72. It darted out of the gates and was very very freely out in front with rider wondering how to stop it.Finally he did succeed in keeping it out of Frame. Tomorrow with TOP RATING, A claimer and such a weak set. It will be available at very good odds and a three way bet suggested.

All the best


Romeo Drall said...

Hi all and Ruchi ji
Mahie this side
First I would like to make a requesh to @ mahe it will be nice of you if you choose any other user name to avoid misunderstanding,because I don't ask for inside secrets
Coming to races
Three way bet on albertino is not good idea,if its tried it will win the race or will be board out again,on class factor its much better then opposition
But my eyes are on
San frontiers ran a dam good race last time over 1400 mtr now 200 mtr less to travell,jocky change to Imchisty,will thrash the field only danger is albertino
Charming gray after just 2 runs is on top of dr table
Receiving weight from the fav and big ticket as well,should run a bold race as its just his 3rd start and scope of improvement is there
In 2nd race clas v is always difficult to work out
But insirator ran a good race last time,shoe changes now,blinkers are on to but 8 years old
A small bet on place will be harmless as odds will be 2 to 1
Mehrani should run a bold race as well
Good luck to all
Regards Mahie

prince_cv said...

well done sir
thanxx for great selection
keep it up.god bless you.

Rusi said...

Bravo Ruchi, your ratings today were simply fantastic. I made good profits. Thanks a million and God Bless.

Ashu said...

Ruchi sir thank u...AAFW zindabad excellent superb ...

kamal said...

dear jeet hi congratulation for your hard need to write so much. EVERY RACE ONE GOOD PLACE. GOD BLESS U.

aparna ghosh said...

Dear Ruchiji
Again a good's absolutely brilliant.really hats off to you.
Will wait for tomorrow.

santosh lalwani said...

hi dear Ruchi ji
Santosh here from pune.
Aim for win concept is really working well...
keep it up Sir.

mahe said...

Hi sir

superb selection ssss...I have calmed down n realised reality after u wrote about taking it as a passion ...I play small amounts. ....thanks a lot...God bless u...

Anonymous said...


Your prediction is lajawaab. I appreciate a lot. Kudos to your AAFW.


Anonymous said...

Good predictions, what does aAFW stand for

Dr. Israr said...

Respected Rawal ji,
Pranam and Adaab,
I have been following your tips for the past few weeks. Your judgement of Bangalore and Mumbai is too good. I have a personal question? How is it possible to predict so accurately and so much in advance? I know the reply will be DR system. But is it only DRS or, any added gut feeling/ suna suni in the past or present from good connections, that is part of your frame work for arriving at the conclusion? Any ways, one should be contended with reaping the joys than trying ways to arrive at its origin. Thank you for your ver new initiatives. May God give you more courage and wisdom along with health and happiness always in future.
Dr. Israr

Jitendra Rawell said...

Dear Dr isar sir,
Thanks for your kind words.
Yes its DR which is the prime. Plus somehow while seeing the races LIVE when I am in course (only week ends due to work pressures) or in VIDEO after races to catch up, sometimes some GOD GIVEN INSTINCT works helps to judge some good runs.This when added to top four in contention helps to give some positive indications.
lastly I never ever discuss with connections, I don't have any inside khabar nor show any intrest when some one tries to mentione INSIDE INFO.