Saturday, March 19, 2016

Dynamic ratings for bangalore:19.3

I have noticed over past many years. Last four meets of on going season and first two or three meets of new season, things go haywire. Its a pattern I have observed and experienced. Same thing is happening now that only three more meets are there. hence caution advised.
please find the TOP four with potential and my views.

1= This race has IRFAN GHATALA,LOKNATH,NARAYAN and SHARAT.Can any one predict ??

2=A gang of crooks, all above have runners add to that the mafia rider jagadish and trainer amit caddy to add spice. OPEN PAGE is a good horse , which was topping the DR chart some time back.who has come down a lot. Keep a eye.

3= Maidens

4=Tough Class VB set.

Analysis= MONTENEGRO won well but the trainer/owner has decided not to win on favourites. HIDDEN SOLDIER is a bookies connection. No one on earth has seen this benami owner. The other two have affair chance to compete.

Analysis= TOP SPOT is a blood vessel case. VIRAT belongs to crooks. CASTLE STUART and JERSEY SHORE have scope to compete.

7=Youngsters with some of them have had only one run. Their Ratings are not established. may the bets horse WIN.

8=A dicey 20-50 type with no clear consistency for any runner.

Analysis= BEAUTY IS TRUTH ran a good forward race last run, but belongs to CROOK.CANNEES is quite consistent to place. AGUANTE can upset.

10=By far the toughest race of the card. 

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