Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dynamic Ratings for CHENNAI 1/2

Please find the TOP FOUR with potential to perform and my views.

ASTRO: MOON(2-7-11) has come out from the difficulty of an ECLIPSE where as per Mythology it gets troubled by the two demons RAHU and KETU. So today it will be in full BLLOM and STRENGTH. Also today during race time MOON is Changing sign and is ZERO Degres in the new sign at around 3/3.30 .So expect MOON's numbers to be in full FLOW today in CARD/DRAW.
Next SATURN (8) is the next powerful number.

1= Maidens

Analysis= PACIFIC BLUE is the horse to beat. It is well performed this season and is at a tidy handicap.

Analysis= A very interesting and OPEN RACE. At first glance I was totally taken aback at the close ratings. So I saw the Videos of this race. what I could conclude form the video. Both W. BABY and SAVING GRACE seemed to be one paced and so I have narrowed down the choices to the other two. CHERIE AMIE is very impressive in that in all its runs it runs straight as a arrow after jump out. it
 has good initial speed. LUXBARA has the habit of going wide at the bend but then after a crack or two straightens and finished fast. But if you see , CHERIE AMIE has been given two spurts where it has given its track partner 3 lengths lead and it comes from behind and beats it.
This is a golden rule in racing and by track experts. when a pair is tracking and if one horse gives a lead to his partner and then comes from behind and beats it then this has to be paid special attention to. CHERIE AMIE is a fast horse and both its previous runs it darts away and last run it tired out, so the connections are trying to stabilize the horse and use its speed during the Crucial moments of the race.
In my view this horse is definitely bound to run a good race today worth a each way bet.

Analysis= Very close rated race. SHINKASEN has the habit of going start to finish can do it but CAT O CALL and OPEN OFFER are at a tidy handicap.

Analysis= ARECA won well , ICE ZONE is a above average import from Mumbai its a danger.

Analysis= both the TOP two belong to Mandanna.PETUNA is a faster horse when compared tp PEYTO but wonder which will be "ON".Actually in this race vis a vis last run the Handicapper has put up all horses by more than 5 kgs even though its not a WEIGHT RAISED race.There is also another horse SPIRITOF ZION who is also a danger. So my suggestion is take a race time call. in any case as PETUNIA is very fast I feel it can atleast stay on for PLACE. 

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