Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dynamic ratings for huyderabad 29.12

After a not so good outing here goes for the ensuing week. hope it turns out to be good.

Analysis= Looks like PARASHURAM and HAPPY GUY should fight this one out.

Analysis= RACING IKON, the eternal Brides maid is always a danger. The DR of EVA has shot up by 20 points and I feel is the one to beat.

Analysis= MARQUISE is very speedy with a good jump should be a good each way chance.Else RAPIDEST

Analysis= VV I think has reached its limit. WIND ZOOM/REFLECTIONS looks like will fight out.

Analysis= just two points between the top two ,they will fight a battle royal and finish any which way.

Analysis= the first three are very closely rated. I would take a chance on RIO ROJA.In race number 26 it has finished just 5 lengths behind MACHIVELISM. Now unless the horse has merit, this is not possible. last outing with suraj in race no 130 it was only a eye wash run. Suraj was racing it all the way wide, slowed down in the straight and then again came up to hit the board.Its immediately entered and a claimer is put.For me in view of being a RANK OUTSIDEr RIO ROJA is the one WORTH A THREE WAY BET>

Analysis= Again a match race between the top two. FAIR and SQUARE for place.

Analysis= GOLDEN ADIGO runs with excellent chance, the other three are evenly rated.FLOWER OF TEMBA has gone up too much in handicap, BG MAC/CARLESS LOVE will also be in the fight.

All the best. Play safe and avoid big risks


Romeo Drall said...

Heloo Ruchi ji
Mahie this side
I like your ratings a lot
Just wana ask 2 questions
How merchant of venice was not in your ratings of top four ??
This horse has run with big names like quasar and beat him as well ,
It has good bloodline as well so he should get good point there as well ,or it does not matter you only cocentrate on runs to give ratings??
Second question is regarding bonbo
What impress you so much in this horse ??its just a class v horse ran thrice in mumbai so far and you tipped it all three times ??
Is there somthing special which I can not see ?because i doubted it everytime
M not cirtising you at all but just wana know your opinion on these little questions
Please take out time to explain

Jitendra Rawell said...

Hello MAHIE,
I think too much study sometimes is not good. Believe me if you see my book where I mark in RED the TOP FOUR. MERCHANT OF VENICE was second choice with rating of 640.But as I said too much of study also bounces back, I concluded that it may require a bit longer and that 5F will be too sharp.
However at race time some how after seeing The COOJI's horse favourite, somehow thought that this guy will hook it and took a chance on MOV and DON CORLEONE.
MOV paid Rs 229 on tote in bang and it was worth it and thanked my last minute change.
Regarding BONOBO , it is definetly coming in the rating and there is no personal liking,but I feel after the senior JODHA has fallen sick that stable is performing very poorly and we should keep this in mind even when horses from that yard are indicated.

Romeo Drall said...

Thanks Ruchi ji for your time and explaination,
M hapy that it was in your top 4 list,
Because m in racing because of passion for the king of sports not for money
I was wondering how your system(in which I have confidence too) can miss such a strong horse
But m glad it was there with a strong rating of 640
Regards Mahie

Jitendra Rawell said...

Hi Mahie,
good to know of another person who is in it like me only for the passion .
Its only persons with this attitude who can survive for long in this game.
One can enjoy and get the thrill if our choices pass.That is the only way racing has to be treated.

Anonymous said...

Ruchi Jim please post. Selections. On Delhi Races

manish said...

Ruchi sir mysore rating plz...

Ashu said...

Ruchi sir wish u happy new year sirji... Plz post ur sMumbai selections early sir ji coz tomarow new year think ur busy.plz take some time for ur followers an post ur selections.. Thank u sir ji...

Sairam Chandra Reddy said...

Ruchi Ji please post your selections on Bangalore races eagrly waiting

Anonymous said...


Please post you ratings for bangalore

Romeo Drall said...

Hello Ruchi ji
Mahie this side
Wishing you a very happy new year and lots of success in this new year...
Regards Mahie

subathi said...

ruchi sir wru?

Ashu said...

Ruchi sir were r u sir... Waiting for ur super selections of make a gud start in this year..

Anonymous said...

hi jitendra ji, why you have not been posting from past five days?? is everything fine with you?? please take care about your health. please get back here as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

y no posting hv u closed blog pl inform

Anonymous said...

Ruchi ji please post your selections on Bangalore races eagerly waiting please