Tuesday, December 2, 2014


In very simple terms the TERM HANDICAPPING has been explained in a BOOK called MASTER KEY OF RACES by T.G.BHUTANEY. It was a simple handicapping technique which I used to follow Long Long ago as a kid when my dad bought me that book.
Mr Bhutaney put it simply as  handicapping means :

Consider you have gone to market to by Potato. If the market is 3 kms away say you go with empty bag then you will reach in 10 minutes.

You buy the potato , say 5 kgs and return home with the bag and you will clock may be 17 minutes.

THAT IS HANDICAPPING. The official Handicapper tries to weigh out all contenders for level playing field. However other factors are involved like Fitness, Intent, etc, else we would be having Multiple dead heats in all events as the handicappers job is to give equal chance to all.

This system of handicapping was a simple one where only the First four which came on Board were considered. 1 length was equaling to say 1.5 kgs.
To the winner one needed to add the first two lengths converted to KGS, to the second horse the second length converted to kgs ,the weight of the third horse remains unchanged and to the fourth horse one is required to minus half the fourth length. These new weights are then considered for future evaluation Vis A Vis the handicappers allotted weight and the difference is tabulated as + or -( advantage). A book is require dto be maintained and we need to tabulate the new revised handicaps based on our theory and compare with the weights allotted by the handicapper.

There were limitations here because only the top four was considered. secondly in those days even in the book the lengths separating the first four only were printed. Now with the advent of technology we get the lengths upto the last horse as well as split timing.

Now the DYNAMIC HANDICAPPING THEORY (credit of which goes to mr prakash gosavi who had conducted this course in 2004) is different .
It covers all aspects of the event, that is weight, lengths defeated, won, MOTHER CHART, Distance and time.
Each of the rating has a fixed threshold rating. The MOTHER chart is what it is called. Then there is the TRACK VARIANT which really is the key to this method.

......to be continued


Anonymous said...

Ruchi sir im waiting for the actual formula. Also can you please tell me if my formula is right. I had posted it in the Hyderabad thread for Monday. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Ruchi ji for starting this much awaited chapter

venkat said...

Sir what is cost of the book do i get in india sir

Jitendra Rawell said...

Mr venkat,
you have misunderstood. There is no book on INSIGHT IN HANDICAPPING. This is a heading which I have given to just give a idea about Handicapping conventional method and am trying to Preface the Dynamic rating with this short preface.Of cours ethe book, MASTER KEY OF RACES by T G Bhutaney is available.may be you can search "ON LINE".

vishnu said...

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